Tips for Securing a Successful First Date

Nerves before a first date are a common occurrence, and it's totally normal to face anxieties as you prepare to get date-ready. We've all heard disastrous date stories, and don't want to have our own to tell. So, whether dating in Yorkshire like me or meeting someone through a Jersey dating site, it's time to throw those nerves out of the window and avoid a first date disaster!

Still scared of making mistakes on the romantic first meeting? Fear not – here are some tips on how to secure a successful first date…

Great conversation is key!

Maintaining conversation with a new love interest can sometimes be a challenge, especially when the nerves are present, and we definitely don't want any awkward silences. Start by ditching any cringey pick up lines you're planning on using, and instead opt for an interesting and quirky conversation starter. Remember to keep asking your date questions as well as opening up about yourself; it's got to be a two-way street in the dating game!

Don't date your phone

It's no secret that many of us find ourselves glued to our phone screen daily... but this soon becomes a problem if it stands in the way of our love lives. When embarking on a first date, make sure your phone stays hidden away while in the presence of your potential new love interest. There is nothing ruder than ignoring a riveting conversation with your date for a scroll through your apps and messages – that can wait, right? Say goodbye to your phone for a few hours to ensure that you are fully engaged in the best first date experience possible. Though a sneaky update to your mates while your date visits the restroom won't hurt!

Ex? What ex?

Excited to delve into dating sites and jump into a potential new relationship? Then do not even think about bringing your ex into the conversation. Mentioning your romantic past and the trauma of past lovers is a definite route to deterring your date and losing their interest. Instead revel in the excitement of a brand-new love coming into bloom... opening up about your past can be saved for further down the line.

Plan, plan and plan some more

Struggling to think of date ideas for the first meeting? A bit of pre-planning will never hurt. Having a pre-meditated itinerary of things to do on the first date not only portrays you as organised, but also eager and enthusiastic, which are incredibly impressive traits to have! Whether it is a night out at a swanky restaurant, an adventure to the beach, or even a trip to the cinema while Jersey dating, planning the first date beforehand is a necessary step to avoid confusion, boredom, and of course dreaded awkwardness.

Trust your gut

Finally, perhaps the most important piece of advice is to stay true to your gut feeling – what is it telling you about this person? If the sparks don’t fly after the first romantic experience with that person, remain calm and be clear about your intentions because nobody enjoys being lead on. However, if you are feeling butterflies after the first meeting, then who knows. Perhaps you’ve found the one…