From A to Z: A date idea for every letter of the alphabet

At the ripe old age of 24, single life and dating as an adult hit me square in the face unexpectedly when my boyfriend of almost 7 years – the only guy I had ever been with – decided to break up with me out of the blue.
Needless to say, I had some making up to do for lost time in the dating-sphere, and not just at home.

And so, on my quest to find a love interest, I have been on a variety of fun and entertaining dates that are sure to impress a date, whether you've met them at home, on a Kent dating site, or maybe even further afield overseas. And I've compiled a few of them for you to try for yourself. One for every letter of the alphabet, in fact...

  • A - Axe Throwing. Channel your inner warrior and take your date axe throwing... no accidents though, please!
  • B - Bicycle rides. Take to wheels and enjoy a breezy bicycle ride in lush surrounding with your lover.
  • C - Cook together. Work together with your date to whip up a tasty dish.
  • D - Dance the night away. Whether in a nightclub, at a class, or in the comfort of your own home, a dance date is sure to bring a smile to your face.
  • E - Escape Room. Sixty minutes locked in a room with your date...
  • F - Fruit picking. Catch a day with nice weather and grab your basket for an afternoon of fruit picking. Strawberries are my favourite!
  • G - Games night. Get two controllers ready and stay home for a night of gaming. The only question is: co-op or head-to-head?
  • H - Hiking. Get your blood pumping on a hiking date with your love interest. Endorphins, a chance to chat, and beautiful surroundings - what's not to love?
  • I - IKEA. C'mon. Who doesn't love a trip around IKEA?
  • J - Jigsaw puzzles. Spend a cosy night in together puzzling!
  • K - Kayaking. If you're lucky enough to live near a coastline, then water sports will always make for a fun date!
  • L - Live music. Seeing live music will always be one of my favourite things to do, whether it's an intimate gig at a pub, or a huge concert.
  • M - Mini golf. Get competitive with your date and fight for the most hole-in-ones!
  • N - Netflix and chill. And yes. I do mean that Netflix and chill.
  • O - Origami date. Find some guides online a try your hand at origami together... who can make the best swan?!
  • P - Pub. Whether Kent dating or Yorkshire dating, a good ol' fashioned pub date never fails. Get to know each other over a nice cold pint... and maybe even a cheeky jagerbomb.
  • Q - Quilt day. AKA a duvet day. Do nothing but spend the day in bed with snacks and films.
  • R - Rock climbing. A fun way to be active with your date.
  • S - Stargazing. Find a nice open spot and simply cuddle and star gaze. How romantic?
  • T - Travel together. Wherever you fancy - down the road, another city, a totally different country - just travel!
  • U - Urban art hunting. Go for a walk together and see what cool street art you can find!
  • V - Vintage shops. Visit the vintage and charity shops in your area and see what gems you can stumble across together.
  • W - Wine tasting. Go wine tasting and get tipsy together.
  • X - Xscape. If you're close to an Xscape centre, it's perfect for an activity filled day - snowboarding, cinemas, trampoline parks and more!
  • Y - Yes day. Spend a day saying yes to anything and everything. Trust me... this one will get interesting!
  • Z - Zoo. Get in touch with your wild side!