6 Date Ideas That Don't Have to Cost a Penny

Let's face it - as adults, sometime our budgets don't stretch as far as we'd like. After forking out for mortgages, petrol, food shops and what feels like endless bills, paying for a luxurious date definitely seems off the cards.

Luckily, for us singletons looking to find love, dating doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, it doesn't have to cost a single penny if you do it right. So, whether you're wanting to make a plan with your long-term partner or are perhaps trying to woo someone you've met on a Strathclyde dating site, here are six date ideas you can do entirely for free!

Grab your boots and head out on a hike

A hike is sure to provide you and your date with fabulous views, lush surroundings, and plenty of opportunity to get to know each other en route. Who knows - you might just end up finishing your walk hand in hand...

Channel your inner child with a blanket fort

Whether you're dating in Yorkshire like me or dabbling in some Strathclyde dating, sometimes a night in can completely trump a night out, and will always be cheaper too! Spend an afternoon building a blanket fort in your living room and snuggle beneath the bedsheet canopies while you indulge in some Netflix or chat the night away.

Take to the streets on wheels

Take a load off your feet and instead choose a date on wheels. Find a beautiful park or nature trail for a chilled out date with your love interest, taking in beautiful surroundings while enjoying some chat along the way.

Game the day away

Whether it's a case of digging out your retro boardgames, or simply switching on your PlayStation, you and your date can have an abundance of fun together simply by playing games. You just need to decide whether you'd work together in co-op mode, or get competitive by going head-to-head!

Stroll around some free museums

If you and your date share an interest in history, culture, art or heritage, then a stroll around a museum is sure to make for a perfect day together. Luckily there are a number of museums and galleries that offer free entry, and so you and your love interest can get lost in eye-opening and insightful experiences without ever having to dig your purse or wallet out - win!

Simply sit and watch the world go by

Sometimes, all you need to have a good time is great company, so why not simply find a good spot for your and your date to sit, chat, and watch the world go by? Bonus points if the weather is good, too!