Seven Things I Discovered When I Became a Redhead

I first discovered hair dye back in primary school when my mum started using semi-permanent boxes on her hair, and so, of course, I wanted a go as well. Since then I've been through a lot of the rainbow - blonde, red, blue, pink, brown, black, purple, highlights, ombré - but one I stuck to for a long, long time was a vivid red (all done professionally nowadays, of course), and I started to notice a number of things...

1. Wearing red on red is scary. I mean, red is an awesome colour to rock, especially on a night out, but now that my hair is red, I'm worried I end up looking a bit obsessed. Or maybe I'll look like I'm in fancy dress as a giant tomato? I dunno.

2. Evo Fabuloso is my best friend. If you don't know what this is, it's a coloured conditioner which enhances your colour (or can change your colour for about three or four washes - I used it for dip dyes when I was blonde!). I can't live without it now because my hair looks so fabulous after being washed with this - hence the name!

3. My shower sometimes looks like a murder scene. I'm quite a clumsy and messy person naturally, I seriously can't help it. So when I'm using my Fabuloso conditioner (which is very red by the way), I manage to splash it every where from the shower doors, the tiles, and even sometimes the ceiling. When I forget to clean it up (okay, when I'm maybe too lazy), my shower may look like a murder scene to whoever goes in next.

4. I don't need a Lush bath bomb to turn the water pink. My hair does that job just fine, though obviously without the glorious smell and skin conditioning benefits. Whether it be a bath or a shower, the water is guaranteed to have a tinge of pink to it. And I like it. It's kinda cute.

5. Wrapping white towels on my head isn't a good idea. Yes, not only does the water turn pink, but my towels do too. And it drives my mum batty. So much so, in fact, that she has bought me my very own special red towel to wrap around my head. She's a good'un!

6. What I thought was red is no longer red enough. When I first went to red, it was from blonde, and so I went for a subtle kind of red. My hairdresser was adamant that I would end up wanting it more vibrant, and lo and behold, I wanted it redder when I went for a top colour. And then redder. And now? I want it redder again.

7. My hairdressers are the best. No matter what colour I get, my hairdressers do an amaaaazing job. I seriously would trust them to do anything and everything to my hair, and know it's going to look fabulous. Going to get my hair done is no longer a chore, and I could happily stay in the salon all day with them. (I think my record so far is about 8 hours?)

Have you been a redhead before and experienced any of this? Let me know!