6 Budget-Friendly Date Ideas That Don't Compromise on Fun and Romance

When looking to form a new relationship and find a potential significant other, you want to go on dates that get your heart racing and your blood pumping. And though you may find more and more dates begin to turn up the heat in your relationship, the last thing you want is for them to eventually burn a hole in your pocket too.

But that doesn't mean you can't still indulge in some fun romantic dates with your special someone.

So, once you've found someone who takes your fancy on dating sites UK based, or even further afield, here's a list of budget-friendly date ideas that won't leave your pockets feeling light, but will still be an absolute success...

Keep calm and picnic on. Pack up some blankets and a basket of good grub - even if it's just a good ol' Tesco's meal deal - and head to a scenic spot to enjoy good food and good company. 

Turn up the heat in the kitchen together. Cooking is a fun new hobby of mine recently, and if you introduce your special someone into the mix, it's sure to make the experience even more exciting and enjoyable... Sexy food fight, anyone?

Channel your inner child and build a blanket fort. Sometimes a night in really can trump a night out, especially when you through a blanket fort into the mix. Nestle together under blanket canopies and spend an evening with Netflix and snacks. If you want some bonus romance points, throw some fairy lights into the mix!

Indulge in some local sightseeing. When you've lived in a city for a long time (or your whole life, in my case!), it can be easy to take local surroundings for granted and not quite appreciate what your hometown has to offer. So why not spend an afternoon with your Northamptonshire dating site match wandering around the place you live, taking in the sights you might have overlooked when going about your normal busy day? Completely free, unless you want a couple of quid to stop for a coffee en route.

Head out on a charity shop bargain hunt. For those of you who love to dabble in a bit of a shopping spree but need to tighten the purse strings, why not take your lover around the charity shops and hunt out some bargains together? If you really want to put a fun twist on it, you could make it a bit of a challenge instead: set a budget and find the best gifts you can for each other!

Lose yourself in a some video games. It's no secret that I am a big ol' geek when it comes to gaming. And why wouldn't I be? Hours of pure escapism from the comfort of your own sofa. Get your special someone to pick up a controller and join you. All you have to decide is whether you wanna work together or get competitive on versus mode...

There you have it. Six lovely date ideas that aren't going to leave your bank balance looking sad. Which one takes your fancy the most?