[M]Botanicals Sandalwood Soy Wax Candle review

Now the cold, dark nights are approaching, there's nothing I love more than sticking on a woolly jumper, whipping up a hot chocolate and lighting a candle. Not only does a candle set the mood, but the pretty glow is normally accompanied by a wonderful fragrance to help me relax and unwind after a long day. The candle I've been reaching for recently is the [M]Botanicals Sandalwood Soy Wax Candle*.

This 100% soy wax candle uses high quality, phthalate free fragrance and essential oil blends, and each and everyone is hand poured and made with love. It has a burn time of approximately 40 hours (which, by the way, I can happily attest to!). It comes in a glass tumbler and has beautiful minimalist packaging. Simple, yet stylish. The monochrome label means this candle is timeless and can be used against any back drop without fear of a clash.


The scent of the candle wasn't overpowering, which means it's perfect as an everyday smell wafting through your home. It burned bright and evenly, leaving no tunnelling in the wax and leaving a flat smooth surface after each burn, meaning it looks just as beautiful as it did when it was new.


An added bonus of this candle, which many people might not know, is that the melted soy wax can be used as a moisturiser. After applying this to my hands, not only were they super smooth, but they smelt incredible too. Did I keep I sniffing my hands afterwards you ask? No comment!


You can purchase a range of these soy wax candles from the [M]Botanicals website and they retail between £15 and £16... An absolute bargain for 40 hours of a cosy candle with a delightful smell!

What do you think of this gorgeous piece? Let me know in the comments below, and tell me what your favourite thing about candles is! ツ