42 Blogmas and Christmas Post Ideas

December is here and so the countdown to Christmas has well and truly started! This year I've decided to challenge myself by taking part in Blogmas (and I'm probably going to fail miserably because I haven't prepared very well!). For those of you who aren't so sure what Blogmas is, it's something bloggers take part in from the 1st of December through to Christmas Day, and they post daily. Posts are usually Christmassy but that's not a necessity.

To start the month off, I've compiled a list of Blogmas post ideas for those of you that may want to take part but are unsure what to post about. 

 I know, I know. There are so many of these lists floating about with similar ideas (and I swear some of them are just straight up copy-and-pasted!), but I promise I have tried my best to come up with new and different ones for you all (though with some of the classics too) as well as include ones I'll be doing myself throughout the month! 


1. Your family Christmas Eve or Christmas day traditions 

2. Christmas crafts 

3. Party dress wish list 

4. Places you'd like to visit in the Winter 

5. A gift guide (of course) 

6. Favourite Christmas movies 

7. Winter outfit posts 

8. A nostalgic post about the presents you remember receiving as a child 

9. Yummy Christmas recipes 

10. Revealing your Christmas tree this year 

11. What you love about Christmas 

12. What you hate about Christmas 

13. A collection of Christmas wallpapers for your phone 

14. Cheesy Christmas playlist 

15. Quirky gift wrap ideas 

16. Winter makeup looks 

17. Your dream Christmas date 

18. Best places to find Christmas jumpers this year 

19. Random things you associate with Christmas which others might not 

20. Stocking fillers 

21. What are you wishing for this Christmas? 

22. Your favourite Christmas adverts from over the years 

23. Cosy winter interior inspiration 

24. Review a Christmas book 

25. Glamorous jewellery for the Christmas parties 

26. A knitwear wish list 

27. Christmas nail art inspo 

28. Gift guides on a budget 

29. Your favourites scented candles to burn at Christmas 

30. Fun Christmas games for the family 

31. Christmas Day photo diary 

32. Winter pyjama wish list 

33. Review some Christmas gift sets 

34. DIY Christmas cards 

35. Hints and tips for shopping in the Christmas sales 

36. Your favourite Christmas decor you've seen in your home town 

37. Christmas hamper ideas 

38. Decorating Christmas cakes 

39. Things that make you really excited for the festive season 

40. Favourite alcoholic drinks to have at the Christmas table 

41. Essentials for a Christmas party 

42. A list of Blogmas ideas!

Are you attempting daily posts this December? I'd love to hear if you'll be using any of my ideas, even if you're not taking part in Blogmas!