"Should I Try Online Dating?"... 7 Reasons to Say Yes!

So, you're considering venturing into the big wide world of online dating, but not entirely convinced it's for you? Perhaps you're sick of your friends trying to set you up with strangers you really don't fancy, or you've admitted defeat and come to terms with the fact that you're never going to get that elusive meet-cute at the supermarket like in the movies?

Online dating might feel like it's your last and only option as this point, but let me assure you - it's a bloomin' great option too. Gone are the days of "conventional" methods and pretending you didn't actually meet your significant other on Tinder. We live in a modern world, and it only make sense that we date in a modern way too.

Gone are the days of "conventional" methods and pretending you didn't actually meet your significant other on Tinder. We live in a modern world, and it only make sense that we date in a modern way too.

So, for those of you who are still finding themselves asking, “Should I try online dating?”, here are seven reasons why your answer should be a big fat yes...

1. People are online for the same reasons as you

When trying to meet someone in real life, you run the risk of someone who has caught you're eye not being single, or perhaps not looking to date. Dating online takes this uncertainty away, as that have signed up, just like you have, so you know they're on the hunt for something similar. While there might be the odd person online dating who has simply signed up out of curiosity or due to peer pressure, most people on there have the exact same intentions as you - to meet a potential partner. 

2. It’s great if you're shy or introverted

A bit on the shy side? Then online dating is ideal! Going up to someone who has caught your eye in real life can be super daunting. Online? The awkward element of talking to someone for the first time is taken away, and you can message people you perhaps wouldn’t normally have the confidence to approach. The worst that can happen is that they don’t respond to you... and even then no one has to know!

3. There's bound to be a niche site for your dating preferences

For just about every single dating preference out there, the internet will have a niche dating site to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Whether you are looking for fellow vegans, want to meet Northamptonshire singles, or are even on the hunt for a mullet lover (yes, really!), you're bound to find your ideal match! 

4. Online dating can do wonders for your self-esteem

A lot of online dating sites UK has to offer are based on a matching system; that is, you only connect with someone when you have mutually "liked" each other. It's like getting a digital confirmation that your crush actually likes you back... and who doesn't want that?! It's a great feeling, and definitely warrants a little squeal of joy!

5. There are a whole tonne of different people online dating

Online dating sites boast millions of members nowadays, all of them with something different to offer. You might stumble across people who you would normally never cross paths with in real life, and they might just take you by surprise and get your heart racing!

6. You can do it all however, whenever and wherever you want

When it comes to online dating, you're your own boss! There's no pressure whatsoever. Simply log on when you feel like it. Fancy a little escapism while in the office? Want something to do whilst on your commute? Sat at home in your joggers feeling bored? Great - get swiping!

7. It's a chance to find love... the real deal!

Your soulmate might be sat on a dating app right now, waiting to stumble across their perfect partner (that's you!), and if that's not reason enough to say yes to online dating, I don't know what is!

If you've made this far, I'm going to assume your answer is now a resounding yes! Get started and see what the world of online dating holds for you...