Alone this Valentines? Have a date with yourself!

As you all know, the day of love is just around the corner. A day when red rose sales are at an ultimate high, jewellery is flying off the shelves, and restaurants are overflowing with happy couples. But what if you’re alone this Valentine’s? Your partner might not believe in the holiday, or you could live apart. Maybe you’re happily married with children and time together seems an impossibility, or maybe you’ve just not found the special one yet. Then what? Then you have a date with yourself for the night, and here are some fabulous ways to do it… 

  • Grab yourself a book (a girly romance will be perfect!), get some candles lit, whip on a snuggly jumper and settle down on the sofa for a long, warm night with some book boyfriends or in magical place a world away from your living room sofa.
  • Love isn’t just about partners! Why not settle down with a cocktail and some cute stationery? Write a note to your besties telling them just why you love them, or reminisce on some good times in a greetings card for them.
  • Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have an ultimate celebrity crush. For me it’s always going to be Bradley Cooper or Sam Claflin. Maybe you’re more of a Johnny Depp or a Channing Tatum kind of woman? Either way, rent or download a few of their movies and treat yourself to cosy night in with tonnes of on-screen eye-candy.
  • Get crafty! I find nothing more relaxing than adult colouring books, and I can also spend hours doing cross stitch. Find a craft you enjoy and spend your night getting creative. Tonnes of fun, and you’ll have something pretty to show for it at the end.
  • Since you’re not going to be spending your hard-earned cash on someone else this Valentine’s, you might as well spend it on yourself. Whether it’s a spa day, some jewellery, a salon splurge or a massive online clothes haul, treat yourself to something special – and don’t feel guilty about it!

There you have it! Five ways to spend your Valentine’s if you’re alone this year.  I’d love to hear what you’re up to this Valentine’s in the comments below. ツ