Five wheelchair friendly date ideas

Whether you've been single a while or have been newly thrust into single life, the world of dating is a big wide one for everyone, and organising a winning first date with someone new can feel like a daunting and difficult task. Of course, you want to make a good first impression, but more importantly, you want both parties to have fun and feel comfortable.

And sometimes, when entering the world of single disabled dating, you may have extra things to think about - accessibility, extra help or specialist facilities. To get you off to a goo head start, I've compiled a list of wonderful first date ideas that are not only wheelchair friendly, but are sure to wow your date too... and hopefully lead to a second, and a third, and maybe even more...

Fun and trivia at a pub quiz night

A pub quiz provides a friendly way to get to know each other, show off what you know, and maybe even introduce some flirty competitiveness to your date. Not all pubs are accessible, so make sure to do a bit of research and make sure there are ramps available and tables low enough for wheelchairs - then you're good to go!

Learn something new as you make your way around a museum

I've always found most museums are accessible, and so they make a perfect place for a first date when single disabled dating. Wander round with a potential new love interest, learn something new, and perhaps even get a bit silly with interactive parts of the museum... even if they are meant for children!

Picnic together as you enjoy a sunset

Watching the sunset is a romantic and budget-friendly way to spend an evening with a date or a significant other. Get a yummy picnic together, find an accessible (and preferably paved!) spot with a good view, and get ready to spend an evening chatting the night away as the sun dips into the horizon. Beautiful!

Indulge in a classic movie night together

It may will be a cliché, but a classic movie night always works a treat for date night. It even has the added bonus of alleviating any initial conversation pressures, and you'll have plenty to discuss when the movie is over! If movies aren't your thing, why not binge some fun YouTube videos together?

Do some animal watching at a zoo or aquarium

Much like museums, zoos and aquariums usually provide great accessibility and a wide open space to comfortably explore, not to mention you'll have plenty to talk about on your way round!

There you have it. Five incredibly fun and accessible date ideas that are sure to make for a great first date. If you're still feeling unsure on where to take someone on a wheelchair friendly date, the best way to go about it is to have an open and honest conversation with them!