7 At-Home Activities to Inspire Creativity

Although lockdown may now be easing, some of us still feel safer within the four walls of our home for a little while longer. But the last thing we want is stifled creativity.

Fear not! Here's a seven activities you can do in the comfort of your home that are sure to get those creative juices flowing...

1. Pick up a paintbrush and get arty

Nothing inspires creativity quite like indulging in a bit or art. Whether your preference is picking up a paintbrush or perhaps getting out your favourite coloured pencils, get some colours on paper and create something beautiful. Even if you're not exactly the next Picasso, you're sure to enjoy yourself... and that's what really counts!

2. Channel your inner Gordon Ramsay and cook

Once a hater of having to prepare anything in the kitchen, I am now a certified fan of cooking! After adding HelloFresh boxes to my weekly routine, I've discovered a love of getting hot and sweaty on the kitchen... cooking, of course! The best part? You get a delicious dish at the end to stuff your face with! What more could you want?!

3. Send some cute cards and letters to friends

Thanks to being stuck indoors for almost a year, people have started o become more creative with the ways they keep in touch with their loved ones - there are only so many texts you can send and Zoom calls to organise, right?! So, instead, people have turned to cards to show their loved ones they care. To add an even more personal touch you could try making your own. If you're feeling arty, get you pens and paintbrushes out. Wanna go more digital? Download some dog paw clipart and dog clipart to put together something for the dog lover in your life!

4. Go green-fingered with a bit of gardening

Gardening is a great way to get out in nature and bring a bit of extra colour to your household. Start out with some nice and easy flowers - marigolds and sunflowers are both supposedly easy to grow! - and then sit back and watch them come to life as time goes on. The beautiful colours are sure to get you feeling inspired!

5. Learn to play a musical instrument

I'm a massive music lover, and I've dabbled in and out of trying to learn new instruments for years. Finally, I have found one that's stuck, and I spend many hours on my piano trying to learn a new tune. And trust me - it feels bloody satisfying when you get it. So why not try a few things out, see what instrument takes your fancy, and get playing?

6. Get creative with some needle and thread

From the age of 11, I have found cross-stitching a wonderful way to pass some time and really relax. Once considered hobbies for old ladies (which, I sometimes feel like I am, I will admit), needle and thread hobbies are certainly on the rise after a year of lockdown and being stuck indoors. So, pick up a needle, get it threaded, and whether it's cross-stitching or embroidery that takes your fancy, get to work! 

7. Settle down with a good book

If you're not ready to get actively creative but want something to inspire you, a book is definitely the way forward. Whether you're digging your nose into a non-fiction piece, or getting lost in the pages of a fictional world, reading is the perfect form of escapism when you're looking to unwind on an evening and be inspired.