5 Fun Date Ideas for Gamers


Growing up in a household with brothers has seen me gaming since a young age, and while I was never destined to be a good gamer (I can play a game for months and still be utterly terrible at it), it's a passion I still have now, even in my late twenties.

And as I also continue my hunt to find a future Mr Right, I'm taking my love of gaming into account too, and hoping to find someone just as passionate as I am about landing the perfect killshot or nailing a difficult quest.

But where on earth would I take such a gamer on a date, you might ask? Well, here are a few date ideas that are perfect for the gamer in your life...

Get your cogs turning in an escape room

If you like getting to grips with video games, you’re bound to love an immersive game in an escape room. You and your date can spend an hour locked in a room together (sounds fun already, right?) and work together to try and escape... what better way to test your teamwork as a couple?!

Game the whole night away

Sometimes simple is best, and when thinking of dates for gamers, a night on the sofa with a selection of video games never fails to impress. Dig out your collection, get two controllers prepped, and get ready for a night of fun. The only thing you have to decide is whether you’re gonna work together on a game, or get a little competitive in versus mode!

Immerse yourself in the lights and sound of the arcade

An arcade is the perfect place to take a date who loves a spot of gaming. Grab yourself a jar of coins and have a fun-filled day trying to win prizes, secure tokens, and sitting in a cosy booth together with gun controllers.

Unleash your inner geek at a gaming convention

For the reeeeally enthusiastic gamer in your life, a trip to a gaming convention is going to make the best date. You’ll be able to spend a weekend together walking round, looking at various stalls, getting exclusive info in some exciting panel talks, and no doubt heading back home with bags full of awesome merchandise. It’s a nerd’s dream!

Take the competitiveness offline with some board games

Sure, video games are great, but how about a night of old fashioned board games with you significant other? Whether it’s a few quick and easy games of something short like Guess Who, or a lengthy and competitive game of Monopoly, board games still promise a night of fun. Make sure to add snacks and a few cheeky boozy drinks for extra fun!

There you have it! Five incredibly fun gamerdates that are perfect for  the button bashing love in your life. Which would you want to try first?