6 Mistakes You Could Be Making When Online Dating


It's no secret that online dating is on the rise. After a year of lockdowns and restrictions, it seems like downloading apps, signing up to free websites, and swiping away on the hunt for matches is this only way to meet a potential partner. But it certainly comes with perks.

No longer are people shying away from the fact that they met their partners online, and instead it's become a social norm. We live in a modern world, and modern dating is part of it.

"But why haven't I had success yet?", you may find yourself asking. While I won't claim to be an expert, I have certainly dabbled in my fair share of match dating sites, and have compiled a list of six mistakes you may well be making when online dating...

You have a big ol' backlog of matches. Swiping away on a dating app is so simple and convenient that sometimes it's easy to get carried away, and before you know it, you have a tonne of matches you haven't even spoken to. While it might not seem like a problem, have them all sat there can subconsciously make it feel like a chore, and you'll lose interest. So, keep giving that inbox a spring clean. If you don't talk to them/don't feel like there's anything there, it's time to say goodbye!

Your bio is seriously lacking. Striking up a conversation can be daunting at the best of times, so not having a bio on your profile will only make it harder for any potential dates to start a chat. Include a fun fact about yourself, what your hobbies are, why you've signed up to a Shropshire dating site, the last thing you ate... anything that could spark interest!

You only have one lonely, solitary photo. Even if your only photo is the most beautiful, flattering photo in the world, having just one single freezeframe of yourself on your dating profile is not a good idea. Use your photos as opportunity to show off your character - where you go, what you like to do, your energy. Most apps usually allow 5 or 6 pics... so use them!

Your photos are all group shots. It's great to show off that you're a sociable person and have a tonne of mates, but if you're dating profile holds group photos and only group photos, then it becomes somewhat of a challenge to figure out which person is actually you. Throw in a selfie or a pic where your mates are cropped out. That way people will no exactly who they're looking at.

Your conversations are somewhat mundane... sorry. Too many times have I matched with someone only to find that the only conversation starters they have under their belt are "Hey!" and "What you up to?" Sure, that might be okay at first, but if that's all you're throwing out there then, trust me, people are going to get bored. Throw something interesting into the mix, no matter how crazy and random it is.

Your first picture is of your car, or your dog, or [insert other random thing here]. People are not signing up to dating apps looking for someone with a certain breed of dog, or a specific make of car, so why on earth are you making that your primary image? It sounds super obvious, but honestly, so many people do this. Get your sexy face on there instead!