5 Beautiful Fonts That Are Perfect For Crafting, Design and Branding


*This post has been sponsored by Font Bundles, but all words and opinions are entirely my own!

Ah, fonts. They seem so simple, and yet choosing the perfect one can be such a chore. Whether you're looking for the perfect font to get crafty with, are on the hunt for some fancy fonts to get designing with, or perhaps are even looking for an inspiring fonts to complete your branding with, there some much to think about on your hunt.

If you're looking to get creative, you want fonts that a fun and exciting. Looking to design some graphics for social media? You're gonna need something pretty but legible. And if you're creating some branding or a logo, then the pressure is on... you need a font you're gonna love forever (or for a very, very, very long time at the very least!)

Luckily, there are a tonne of resources online that can help you find the font that you are looking for (or perhaps stumble across some inspiring fonts you didn't even realise you wanted!). Font Bundles in particular has a range of fonts that are perfect for installing and using for all of your craft, design and business needs! And I've picked out 5 of my favourites in hopes they might inspire you too...

The Buster
This beautiful calligraphy style font will make a beautiful addition to any crafting, particularly stationery! Perhaps your homemade greeting cards need some inspired fonts, or you'd like a rouch of handwritten style calligraphy on your wedding invites... then this is the one for you!

Vintage King
This cool retro font will look awesome when satisfying your branding and design needs, or maybe even some homemade typography prints for the home! It's also a great choice for scrapbooking and crafting memories.

Hello Summer
This fun and joyful font is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face, and adding it to your crafty projects and scrapbook pages will definitely brighten them up in an instant. And with summer pretty much in full swing now, why wouldn't you want a font just as bright as the sun outside?!

This fun but simple font is perfect for any portions of text in your designs/crafts that need to be legible, but it doesn't compromise on being pretty! Perfect for any informative posts across social media, lengthy paragraphs in a scrapbook, or a general font for your website!

Letter Magic
For something really funky, Letter Magic makes the perfect choice. This retro style font bundle comes with a bunch of alternative characters in the form of playful curves and swirls to add to your designs! So you can really get creative with this one and make designs truly unique.

There we have it! Five awesome fonts to get you started in your crafting and design endeavours! Which font is your favourite?