How To Prepare For A Virtual Video Date

After a year of lockdown restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic, populations across the globe have found themselves adapting by making staying home the new going out. And sure, relaxing at home in your comfiest pants with no make-up on might be quite the treat for some of us, but it's safe to say that there have been a bunch of single folk out there who found themselves missing the big wide world of free dating.

And that's where virtual dating came into the mix.

No longer could singletons meet Oxfordshire singles down at a bar or plan a date in a swanky restaurant, and so they soon began planning dates of FaceTime, Zoom and other virtual methods. And while a virtual date isn't quite as ideal as meeting someone in real life, it's a great way to see if you have a connection with someone ahead of more normality returning.

So, here's how you should prepare for that virtual date...

Sh*t, shower, shave... Yes, you still need to make an effort.

Get ready for your virtual date exactly as you would if it were to be a face-to-face date. Sure, it might be tempting to skip the shower - your date can't smell you through the camera, right?! - but it'll make you feel a whole lot better if you're feeling fresh. Wear an outfit that makes you feel great, even if most of it isn't visible on camera, and finish it off with some hair and makeup if you'd like. Whatever makes you feel good - do it. 

Figure out your most flattering camera set-up.

Give yourself plenty of time before your virtual date to figure out how and where you're going to set up your camera. Are you going to use your phone or laptop? Are you wanting natural light or a sexy lamp glow? A plain wall backdrop or something a bit busier? There's so much to consider when positioning your camera, and the last thing you wanna do is scramble around at the last minute for a good spot.

Virtual doesn't have to be boring - plan an activity!

One major thing you'll be missing on a virtual date is a conversation starter in your surroundings. At a bar, you might discuss the drinks. A restaurant - the food. A zoo - the animals. On a virtual date, you're gonna start off with nothing but each other. So start things off by planning an activity. Maybe you could cook together, share a virtual drink, or plan a pub style quiz!

Connect with a bit of virtual nookie...

Yes - virtual sex can be just as good as the real deal. Whether you're a few dates and wanting to get intimate, or are simply virtual dating for a bit of fun, a bit of virtual fun over FaceTime can be a huge amount of fun for both parties. Not to mention you know exactly what your own body likes, right...?

All done? Give yourself a pat on the back!

Having an entire date from the comfort of your own home without physical touch or a change of surroundings can make it feel like you haven't actually been on a date. But you bloody well have! Much like a face-to-face date, you've been through the pre-date panic, got yourself ready, gone out of our comfort zone, and met someone new. So give yourself some credit and a good ol' pat on the back,