Five Virtual Date Ideas To Try As We Ease Out Of Lockdown

May is just around the corner, and after a whole year of lockdowns and social distancing, normality is starting to return slowly and surely - we can meet outdoors socially, drink in beer gardens, and even head to the zoo if we wanted.

But for some people, heading out and about to mingle can still feel quite daunting - even with their long terms partners - and instead they'd like to stick to some social distancing just a little bit longer.

So, while a virtual date might not quite feel the same as a date in person, if you're looking to get on free dating sites and step back into dating without having to actually meet up, it could be the perfect solution. So, I've compiled five simple and fun virtual date activities to keep you going…

1. Get together for a movie night... in your own homes!

Whether you're well into a relationship or have just met someone on a Norfolk dating site, movie night is always an ol' faithful date idea, and you don't even have to be together to do it. You can get cosied on your own sofas - complete with pyjamas if you wish! - decide on a film you'd boh like to watch, and then time it right by pressing that play button in unison. Finish of the night by chatting about the film over the phone.

2. Go old school and chat on the phone

If you're anything like me, you crave a date you can gab and gab to without ever getting bored. And there's not better way to test that with a new potential romance than by chatting over the phone. Just you, them and a phoneline with no distractions. If things go really well, you might even slip into a bit of phone nookie... wink, wink, nudge, nudge!

3. Get hot in the kitchen and cook "together"

Not only does a virtual cooking date provide a fun evening getting messy in the kitchen, but you can settle down afterwards with the end result, and indulge in (hopefully!) good grub together. So get on FaceTime, choose a recipe, and cook together... You might even get competitive about who has the most Instagram-worthy dish!

4. Choose a book and start a book club for two

If you and your date/partner both love getting your nose stuck in a good book, why not decide on a title together and both start reading it. Every so often, you can call each other up to discuss the book so far... fingers crossed you both like it!

5. Release your inner geek and play video games

Got a games console? Fab. Channel your inner geek, find out what mutual games you and your date have, and get your controller ready for a night or fierce gaming. There's only one choice you have to make: do you want to team up and head into a co-op campaign, or unleash your competitive side and go head-to-head?

There you have it. Nine easy date ideas to get you through lockdown or add some spice to a long distance relationship. What are your favourite virtual date ideas?