4 Spellbinding Harry Potter Date Ideas


Much like we fall in love with people we stumble across in our lives, we often fall in love with literature and the characters the pages hold. One much-loved book series is, of course, Harry Potter.

And naturally, when it comes to a singleton's quest to find love, there is one question that every Harry Potter buff will find themselves asking a potential new love interest - "Which Hogwarts house are you?"

When you've found your fellow Harry Potter nerd, you might really want to go the extra mile to blow their socks off. I don't blame you! So, tell them to get their wands, gather their spellbooks, and make sure their imagination ready, as you're gonna to take them to Hogwarts - metaphorically - on a date. And here are four ways to do it...

  1. Show off your superior wizarding world knowledge at a Harry Potter themed quiz. I’ve spent a number of evenings getting competitive at quiz nights surrounding my favourite fictional characters and worlds - Harry Potter included - and I’m yet to be disappointed. So if you’ve stumbled across a fellow Potterhead while Fife dating, why not whisk them away to a quiz night all about Harry Potter. You can always top off the night some beers afterwards… celebratory ones, hopefully!

  2. Immerse yourselves in the wizarding world at the Warner Brother's studio tour. You and your date can step into the iconic and spectacular sets, and discover just how Harry Potter was brought to life on the big screen. Steal a kiss on the Hogwarts Express, hold hands as your stroll down Diagon Alley, and raise a glass of butterbeer to what has been (hopefully!) a great date. Finish things of by taking home a souvenir from the gift shop!

  3. Sink your teeth into some magical grub and a few love potions. Food makes a huge appearance throughout the Harry Potter series, and there's a plethora of whimsical gastronomic choices in between the pages of each and every book. Why not spend a night in with your date, putting together a buffet of magical treats? Dig into jelly beans and guess the flavours, put together a roast dinner fit for the Great Hall, bake some yummy cauldron cakes, and whip up some cocktails to resemble love potions.

  4. Have a good ol' faithful movie marathon. Why try and fix what isn't broken, eh? Sometimes the classics are the best, and when it comes to date night, you can't beat an evening snuggled on the sofa with a good film or two. So... Harry Potter marathon anyone? Get your blankets ready, have some snacks to hand, and revisit Hogwarts through your screen.

So, whether you're dating in Hull like me, or dabbling in some Fife dating, hopefully one of these ideas has inspired you to plan a magical date... Which will you be trying out first?