5 Perks Of Online Dating

When it comes to the world of modern dating, it seems we've passed the time of asking for people's numbers in bars, or locking eyes with a stranger in a supermarket and asking them if they'd like to grab a coffee.

Instead, we're signing up to dating apps and getting our swipe on. Why? Because there are so many perks to the online dating sites UK based or further afield, and finally people are realising it...

1. It's convenient

Chances you you find yourself either on a phone or laptop daily, right? And much like you can find apps for almost anything nowadays, you'll be able to find apps and websites for dating too. And with such an array of them our there, you're bound to find the perfect one for you. The best part? You can log on whenever is convenient for you with ease.

2. It saves time and money

Going out partying every weekend on a hunt to meet Dorset singles can definitely be fun, but it can also leave your purse feeling rather light, and will certainly eat up some of your precious free time... especially if you lose a day nursing a hangover!  Sometimes it's nicer to just stay home, put your feet up with some good TV, and casually check out your new matches and messages on your dating apps.

3. You can cut to the chase

There's no denying that once we've got somewhat of a crush on someone, we like to have a little social media creep to find out about them - we're all guilty of it! How old are they? What school did they go to? Do they have any hobbies? Thanks to all the things a dating profile can offer, you can find out a potential love interest's age, location, interests and more, all in a mere matter of seconds. And they can find out all about you too! So make sure to bulk out your dating profile with all your good bits, and bring on the matches.

4. It's perfect if you're shy

Online dating is also great for those of you that are a little more shy. The awkward element of talking to someone for the first time is taken away, and you can message people you perhaps normally wouldn’t have the confidence to approach in real life. The worst that can happen is that they don’t respond to you, right? And no one has to know! It stays between you and the dating app. 

5. It's a chance to find love

C'mon... there's nothing to lose, right?